A handy cycling infographic.

In a series of recent posts I have been profiling different types of professional cyclists and their attributes. Sprinters, time trialists, climbers and domestiques alike.

But I’m down with the kids, and I know that sometimes people don’t want to read big old articles, which is why I’ve made this smart infographic to round this little adventure into cycling types off.

It’s your basic old run of the mill Venn diagram, but I think it covers the bases. Any suggestions for any amendments are welcome, as are any ideas for cycling subjects you’d like to know more about.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the recent blogs. I’ve got explanations of the big races of the year in my sights, as well as looking into all the different pro-tour teams and their targets for 2013. I also think I have had time to process the whole Lance Armstrong incident, and I think I might finally be able to put my thoughts down into something resembling an article. Chuck in a couple of cycling based book reviews along these lines, and we’ll be cooking with gas. Or changing to the big ring.




2 thoughts on “A handy cycling infographic.

  1. Don’t forget the Schlecks as pure climbers. I reckon there is one other circle you could add here – Roulleurs (one-day classics riders) like Hushovd, Gilbert, Boonen, and Cancellara

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